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DKC4: Kiddy Kong's Kremling Catastrophe
  Hey all! This game is not the real DKC4, and there is no real DKC4, so I decided to name the webmaster's game DKC4: Kiddy Kong's Kremling Catastrophe. I have a few important links for you below, and then you can get started in your gameplay!

The Basics
The Controls
Downloading the Game

The Basics

  In this game you can not touch any Kremlings. However, there are sometimes a few things along the way to help you defeat Kremlings in your way. A list of all the items/background objects that you can use or can help you are below:

A vine which Kiddy can climb up on.

A snow platform that you can stand on.

Just a tree. Need I say more?

A barrel that you can stand on. Also sometimes is a wall that prevents you from
                  going into a forbidden area.

A key that can do three different things: Open a cage, teleport you to another part
               of the level or make a TNT barrel appear.

A TNT barrel that you can use to hit bosses with. Just touch the TNT barrel to fire it
          at the enemy (or boss) in the level.

A DK barrel, which is used to switch between Kongs.

Part of a cage, which has trapped Kongs inside.

The sun, which is hot enough to burn a Kong if they touch it. However, Funky's
               plane can pass through it unharmed.

A fireball, which falls from the sky in the day and can burn you up!

Funky's plane from Funky's Flights and is used as transportation.

An arrow which points out the direction you need to go.

  Anything else that is not shown above is either a Kong, a Kremling or a backround item.
  This game is really easy at the beginning, and only gets a little tougher near the end. However, if you aren't alert, you might do something wrong.
  Unlike The Quest to Save Funky, you can not skip any cut scenes. You must watch them because they are either important just have to watch them! Also, there is a 5% chance that you may get stuck on a wall or something like that in the game. Just press Ctrl (control) to restart the current area you're in and you'll be back on track!
  Need to leave for a minute and you don't want to quit your game? Just hold Ctrl (control) and press P. Your game is paused! Just click Continue when you want to play again.
  Each Kong is unique. Diddy is quicker than the other Kongs, Dixie can jump quicker than most Kongs, Kiddy is the only one that can climb vines, and only DK can swim. This will be handy near the end of the adventure.
  Sorry Macintosh users, this game will not work on a Macintosh.

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The Controls

For this game, here are the controls:

Shift = Jump
Ctrl (control) = Restart current level
Left and right arrow keys = Move character left and right
Ctrl (control) + P = Pause
F2 = Restart the entire game

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Downloading the Game

To download the game, follow these steps:


1. Click here to download ''.
2. Select the folder you would like to save this file in.
3. Download the file.
4. Open your Zip program.
5. Extract the three files into one folder.
6. Exit the Zip program.
7. In Windows Explorer or whatever your file manager is, find the folder where
    you saved the files.
8. Run 'setup.exe'.
9. Click on Change Graphic Drivers.
10. Make sure that 'Standard Windows Drivers' is selected.
11. Press OK.
12. Run 'setup.exe' again.
13. Select 'Install DKC4: Kiddy Kong's Kremling Catastrophe'.
14. Follow the instructions.
15. Find the folder where the game files were placed in during the
      setup (if you didn't change anything, it will be in C:\Windows\Games).
16. Click on the file that has a blue K&P logo as it's icon.
17. Have fun playing the game!

Any questions? Any comments? E-mail me at!