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Mad Jack in Frantic Factory

I have the requirements and instructions for beating Mad Jack below.

Bananas needed to enter boss: 200
Kong to use for the boss: Tiny Kong
Special abilities needed for the boss: Pony Tail Twirl

  To beat Mad Jack, spin from platform to platform to evade him. When he stops moving, two switches will appear. One on a blue square, the other on a white square. Dodge the fireballs that he throws at you. Stomp the switch on the square that matches the color of the square that Mad Jack is on. After repeating this twice to hit him three times, he'll get really mad. He will begin to shoot lasers instead of fireballs. Lasers hit an entire block, and cause it to be surrounded by shockwaves. If you're on the square at the time, you'll lose a piece of melon and you'll fall off the edge. To dodge the laser, wait until it starts coming towards you, and then pony-tail twirl to the next square. Again, stomp the switch on the square that matches the one Mad Jack is on.
  Now Mad Jack will get furious. He will turn himself invisble! However, you can see the stars that trail his box, so you can dodge him based on where you see the stars. When Mad Jack stops moving (it will be hard to tell, but if you happen to see a switch around you, then you know he's stopped moving), he'll shoot lasers. You can tell which square he's on by seeing where the lasers that he shoots are coming from. Again, pony-tail twirl to the next square only when the laser begins coming towards you. Stomp the switch on the square that matches the color that Mad Jack is on.
  Mad Jack will become visible again, and fall off of his square. You've defeated him!

Result of returning this boss key: Nothing, believe it or not! It will free
                                                 K-Lumsy from his cage in the end.