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Puftoss in Gloomy Galleon

I have the requirements and instructions for beating Puftoss below.

Bananas needed to enter boss: 250
Kong to use for the boss: Lanky Kong
Special abilities needed for the boss: None

  To beat Puftoss, circle around him going through all of the DK stars. Dodge the fireballs that will no doubt try to hit you. When you go through them all in the time limit you're given, you'll shock him.
  After a few hits, Puftoss will start sending out shockwaves. Dodge them by staying on the outside of the course. When a shockwave disappears, go through a DK star that was previously not accessable because of the shockwave. Make sure that you go through all the DK stars within the time limit. You'll shock Puftoss again.
  Keep on going through the DK stars (it should take 5 or 6 rounds) until you beat him for good!

Result of returning this boss key: Access to the fifth level