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Dogadon in Fungi Forest

I have the requirements and instructions for beating Dogadon below.

Bananas needed to enter boss: 300
Kong to use for the boss: Chunky Kong
Special abilities needed for the boss: Primate Punch and Hunky Chunky

  To beat Dogadon, dodge the fireballs that he spits. When he sits down onto the platform, throw a TNT barrel at him. He'll be shocked and fall into the lava. When he recovers, once again dodge the fireballs, and wait for him to sit down on the platform. Throw a TNT barrel at him. He'll be shocked, and he'll fall into the lava. When he gets back out, he'll have light beams come out of him, and he'll spit a huge firewall out onto the platform you're on. Jump straight into it; there's no way to escape this firewall. Throw a TNT barrel at Dogadon to shock him and send him back into the lava.
  Dogadon will get back out, and stomp the platform so that it starts sinking. Dodge the fireballs that he spits, and throw a TNT barrel at him. When he's shocked, a Chunky barrel will appear where the TNT barrels usually are. Walk into the TNT barrel, and then go up to Dogadon and do the Primate Punch twice. Punch him with regular punches after.
  The platform will be very close to the lava when you finally beat Dogadon. A small cut-scene showing Chunky super-punching Dogadon onto the wall will confirm your victory against Dogadon. He'll fall into the lava, and then he'll die for good!

Result of returning this boss key: Access to the sixth and seventh levels