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King K-Rool in the outer world

I have the requirements and instructions for beating King K-Rool below.

Bananas needed to enter boss: None
Kong to use for the boss: Any Kong
Special abilities needed for the boss: Super Simian Slam, Rocket Barrel Boost,
                                                     Mini Monkey, Pony Tail Twirl, Hunky
                                                     Chunky, Primate Punch & Gorilla Gone.

  To beat King K-Rool, you'll start with Donkey Kong. Dodge the shockwaves K-Rool sends out. After a few sets of shockwaves, four blast barrels will appear. Jump into any blast barrel by climbing up a turnbuckle (the poles at each corner of the ring) and jumping into a barrel. Inside the barrel, you'll see K-Rool throw punches in your direction. As soon as he starts trying to get the crowd to cheer for him (he'll hold his hands up in the air and do something with his hands), blast out of the blast barrel. He'll be stunned, and then he'll come back. Repeat this with each blast barrel until he falls to the mat unconscious. He's done for this round.
  For the second round, you'll start with Diddy Kong. Dodge the glove that K-Rool throws at you. After a few times, the Diddy jetpack barrel will appear. Jump into it without getting hit by K-Rool's glove. Up in the air, look for one of the four chandeliers that has targets on both sides. Shoot the targets with Diddy's peanut pistols. The chandelier (when both targets have been shot) will fall onto K-Rool's head. He'll be stunned for a few seconds, and throw the chandelier out of the ring. Look for the next chandelier, and repeat this process until you have the fourth chandelier fall onto K-Rool's head. He'll be knocked out temporarily. You're done this round.
  For the next round, you'll start with Lanky Kong. The arena will be dark, and K-Rool will still have the chandelier on his head.  He'll be running around blindly, so he will not ever see you. To start off, just run around for a bit until a scene shows four numbered switches rising outside of the ring. Run to the edge of the ring at the center of a set of ropes between two turnbuckles. Press B when you're standing still to do the regular punch. Lanky's hands will be unnaturally long, so if you aim the punch right, you'll hit the numbered switch. A platform will rise up and have a barrel that has a banana peel on it. Pick up the barrel. A small scene will show four trombone pads appearing around the boxing ring. Throw the banana peel barrel somewhere in the ring. Get on top of a trombone pad. When you see that the banana peel is between you and K-Rool, quickly play your musical instrument. K-Rool will run towards you. If the banana peel is between you, K-Rool will slip on it and hit his head. He'll be in a daze for a second, and then get back up. Repeat this three times to make K-Rool fall unconscious again. Your job is done for this round.
  For the fourth round, you'll start with Tiny Kong. A scene will show the Kremlings trying to pull the chandelier off of K-Rool's head, and the chandeliers have been replaced. Dodge the shockwaves that K-Rool sends out by pony tail twirling over the shockwaves. After a few times, K-Rool will hold his behind in pain. After a few seconds, he'll send out shockwaves again. Pony tail twirl over them. When K-Rool holds his behind in pain again, a Tiny barrel will appear. Jump into it, and enter the shoe with a hole in it. Dodge the wiggling toes, and when it is held up in the air, shoot the big toe with Tiny's gun (it will already be out when you enter). His toe will turn red. You'll leave the toe, and a scene will show K-Rool looking at his toe and crying out in pain. Once again, dodge the shockwaves and enter K-Rool's shoe when the Tiny barrel appears and K-Rool's holding his behind. Inside the shoe, dodge the toes, and shoot the second toe when it goes up in the air. It will become partially red. Dodge the wiggling toes again, and shoot the second toe again. Dodge the shockwaves again, and enter K-Rool's shoe by shrinking in the Tiny barrel when he's holding his behind in pain. Dodge the wiggling toes, and shoot the third toe when it goes up in the air. Dodge the toes again, and shoot the third toe again. Dodge the wiggling toes, and shoot the third toe when it is up in the air. Outside the shoe, dodge the shockwaves by pony tail twirling over them as usual. Wait until K-Rool holds his behind in pain, shrink in the Tiny barrel and enter his shoe. Shoot the last toe four times at the appropriate times to finish off K-Rool for the round.
  For the last round, you will start the round with Chunky. A scene will show K-Rool madly running from ropes to ropes, and turning invisible. Stomp the Chunky switch in the middle, and then go on the Chunky pad. As you're invisible, you'll make K-Rool become visible, and a Chunky barrel will appear in the middle of the arena. Jump into it. You'll appear at a turnbuckle. K-Rool will kick his feet, and charge at you. Hold Z, and then press B to do the Primate Punch at the right time to super-punch K-Rool into the opposite turnbuckle. Repeat this three times to defeat K-Rool and finish him off for good!

Result of beating King K-Rool: The end of Donkey Kong 64!